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For purchase and service of the urinals you can contact us. Depending on your request and situation, we deliver directly, or we redirect you to one of our dealers.


To ensure correct functioning of MrFriendly urinals use the following products.
The siphon of the urinal filters uric sludge and keeps the drain clean.
MrFriendly Liquid, the sealing liquid of the siphon/filter, makes sure no smelly odor can reach your toilet room. A liquid odor lock always works flawless, because dirt has no impact.
MrFriendly's Fresh & Friendly Purple is is an enzyme based cleaning agent decomposing urine remains. Recommended for cleaning of urinals, walls and floors of toilet rooms. Concentrated.
MrFriendly's Fresh & Friendly Pink is general bathroom cleaner with high lime dissolving characteristics. Concentrated.
MrFriendly's Fresh & Friendly Wipes are practical impregnated cleaning sheets to clean the urinal. They make cleaning easy and the urinal extra hydrophobic.

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For installation companies

The wall mounting bracket comes together with the urinal. Depending on the situation, additional materials might be needed. Contact us if you think you need it.
When installing on a hard shiny surface, this tape will make sure the bracket will not slip away. Once the screws of the bracket are tightened, the bracket is immovable. To be attached to the back of the bracket. Coil of 30 meter.
This foam tape fills the space between the back of the urinal and the wall, even at the joints. The remaining space can be finished with a suitable kit. Coil of 70 meter.
Very solid covers for the lower screws. Available in several colors. Per bag of 250 pieces.